SOUTH CHARLESTON — Experience the culture and rugged beauty of Greece this summer. BridgeValley students are invited to sign up for a faculty-led, study abroad tour between June 26 and July 10 that includes courses in sociology and digital photography.

Often called the cradle of Western civilization, Greece is situated at the southernmost corner of Europe and known for its mild climate and history. Its seemingly endless cultural landmarks include numerous monasteries, outdoor theaters, modern art, marble sculptures and the site of the first Olympic games in Athens, and picturesque skylines have made Greece an appealing travel destination.

Student participants will savor Greek culture and document their experiences through photography, writing, group discussions and observations utilizing social comparisons as a platform for dialogue and self-expression.

Upon returning, participants will have their work included in a gallery exhibit, which will express students’ views and observations in Greek culture through creative documentary digital photography and written essays.

Students are responsible for the cost of the trip (approximately $4,900). Fees include their round-trip airfare, public transportation while in Greece, hotel stays, breakfasts, dinners and guided events. Fees do not include six units of tuition for the sociology and photography courses, lunches, souvenirs and other activities. Financial aid is available. For more information, visit

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