Through the uncertainty of current events, BridgeValley Community and Technical College continues to provide high quality education and high-demand job training, virtually, to ensure all adult students receive the resources necessary to work toward their education by offering a variety of benefits ranging from financial aid to fast-track programs.

Recognizing that balancing the demands of family, work, school and all other responsibilities is challenging even when times are normal, BridgeValley provides working adult students with a number of programs to assist in their educational success, including high-demand job training, college credit for work experience, help paying for college, and flexible scheduling.

“We offer several programs with flexible schedules to support the needs and availability of working adults and parents,” said James McDougle, Dean of Students. “Our student services department is always readily available to provide ample support to students to ensure a successful transition into college.”

Students have the opportunity to receive college credit for work experience, offering a head start on earning credit for knowledge gained through experience and expediting the process of earning a degree. After demonstrating college-level knowledge acquired from living and working, such as serving in the military, independent studies, volunteering and community service, work-specific training, or industry certifications and licensures in the form of an experiential portfolio, institutional challenge exam or standardized test, students may be able to shorten the requirements for their chosen degree path and get back into the workforce faster.

With increased flexibility for class schedules, adult students who work full-time can easily fit attaining their degree into their busy lives with online courses and content. Additionally, financial aid is available in the form of scholarships, grants, loans, and student employment for eligible students to mitigate costs associated with completing an education. Students enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours are considered half-time students and are eligible for a variety of financial aid options, offering assistance to those who are unable to enroll full-time due to work and other responsibilities.

BridgeValley strives to be a positive and transformative force in the local community, enhancing the quality of life and supporting economic development through effective business, government, community, and industry partnerships and collaborations, which all begins with providing quality education to students who take their skills out into the community as contributing members of the local community and workforce.

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