Southern States Cooperative of Summersville will partner with the Nicholas County High School JROTC to help support feeding disadvantaged families and individuals during the holiday season.

On Saturday, Dec. 6, the Southern States in Summersville, located at 44 Service Road, will give a gift to any child bringing in a can of food.

“The job of feeding our rapidly growing world population has never been more critical,” said Southern States President and CEO Tom Scribner.

“Joining the effort to see that everyone has the food they need, especially during the holiday season, adds a community focus to this world-wide challenge,” he added.

The ROTC regularly does a food drive and places donations to local food banks in the community. This year’s goal is 10,000 cans.

“I find in this day and age, we as parents need to take the time to teach our children about helping others,” says Kim Spencer, the merchandise coordinator at the store who came up with the concept to give gifts to children who are willing to lend a helping hand to those in need.

“Children are very eager to help out when given the opportunity, whether it is a food drive during the holidays, or helping with pet adoption during the spring,” she added.

Southern States is partnering with local food banks in cities and communities throughout the entire southeast to help families in need.

“We have a responsibility both as an agriculture cooperative and as caring individuals to be a part of the efforts to feed hungry people” said Turner Gravitt, Southern States director of member relations.

Southern States Cooperative has grown to become one of the nation’s largest farm and agriculture supply companies. With over 1,200 retail outlets spread across 23 states, they provide a wide range of farm and home supplies, including livestock feed, fertilizer, seed, animal health supplies and petroleum products. Farmer-owned since 1923, the Richmond, Va.-based cooperative has more than 200,000 farmer-members.

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