It is always nice when others see the value in sharing and preserving local history. I wonder if people realized that the library has had an Archive room for years for patrons to come visit.
The Archive Office is located in the Administration office of the library (the building behind the Oak Hill Public Library). It is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and emphasizes more on local and county information.

The Archive features a large collection of old photographs, newspapers, county history, local genealogy, and yearbooks. There is even a display of coal memorabilia, old clothing, and local collectibles showcased at all times. This curated collection is sure to meet any needs of the budding genealogist or local historian.

Because most of these collections feature hard to find and locally published books, the library system is always accepting donations. The Archive in particular is very desirous of yearbooks. Our yearbooks are the most looked at item in our Archive. Parents stop in to show their children their old class photos, numerous people use them to verify high school information, or people stop by to reminisce about the past. However, there are some years we don’t have and cannot purchase. Yearbook donations are always welcomed and deeply appreciated.
These two rooms offer specialized research opportunities. If you are interested in exploring the area or learning about the history of your family, we hope you will remember the library in your research endeavors. We have a lot to offer you, not just in materials but in knowhow as well. The extension librarian will even do research for patrons who cannot come into the office. So if you are looking for genealogy or obituaries, just call 304-465-5664.

Also, to see a complete listing of items found in the FCPL archives, visit http://fayette.lib.wv.us/archives.html

Kim Massey is the extension librarian at Fayette County Public Library’s headquarters at 531 Summit Street, Oak Hill. Contact her at 304-465-5664.

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