Bertha Johnson of Smithers was the winner of a $100 gift card at the Smithers Tudor's location during the company's Christmas-time giveaways.

Every year, Tudor’s Biscuit World collects hundreds of thousands of entries for their annual truck giveaway, and 2019 was no exception. Although customers throughout the four states with Tudor’s locations were primarily entering to win the brand-new truck that would ultimately go to Randy Haynes from the Lewisburg location, every store had a winner of a different sort. The restaurant’s holiday giveaway awarded a $100 gift card to a customer at each store, including lucky prize winners like Bertha Johnson of Smithers.

A tradition going back over two decades, Tudor’s Biscuit World CEO Oshel Craigo sees the company’s annual giveaway as a chance for the West Virginia-owned and -operated chain to thank its most loyal customers during the holidays.

“Every year we look forward to this opportunity to show our appreciation,” Craigo said. “I always enjoy watching our winners smile.”

Thanks to each store getting at least one winner, Tudor’s customers have plenty of reason to smile as the company thanks them for what Craigo described as their “amazing customer loyalty.”

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