CHARLESTON — AARP West Virginia has launched “Protect Voters 50+,” a comprehensive voter engagement campaign to support and protect West Virginians age 50 and up as they vote in the 2020 elections. A centerpiece of the campaign will focus on providing information about voting options in West Virginia this fall at, the AARP Bulletin, digital communications and paid media.

“We are going to spend a lot of time making sure voters in the Mountain State understand the absentee ballot process — by mail or during early voting — and making sure they feel comfortable if they choose to vote in person on Election Day,” says Gaylene Miller, state director for AARP in West Virginia.

This is the first time, Miller said, that AARP will concentrate on helping people understand some of the changes in the election process that are taking place in states because of the pandemic. “In many respects we’re serving as a communications vehicle to make sure people know how to vote,” she says. “We want to make sure people know what to expect and when to expect it.”

AARP has a proud 34-year history of non-partisan voter engagement and does not endorse or oppose candidates, nor does AARP make contributions to political campaigns or candidates. We encourage all West Virginian’s to ask questions, so they understand where the candidates stand on important issues and make their own decisions this fall.

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