Fayette Institute of Technology teacher Scott McDaniel, left, and students Benjamin Crowder, Brayden Foreman and Antonio Ovalle presented Kathy Gerencer with the sign they designed for the New River Humane Society.

A pre-engineering class at Fayette Institute of Technology recently presented the New River Humane Society with a brand new sign, which was created completely with equipment in the classroom, for their establishment.

The pale blue sign reads, “Fayette County Animal Control Center, Operated by: The New River Humane Society,” showing a design of a cat and dog playing outside.

According to the course’s teacher, Scott McDaniel, students designed the sign using 3D software, then used a router at the school to bring it to life.

Fayette Institute of Technology students who worked on the sign included Zoe Walberg, Benjamin Crowder, Brayden Foreman and Antonio Ovalle.

The sign was actually dedicated to a former student of the class, Vada Barker, who passed away earlier this year. McDaniel said Barker had assisted in designing the sign before her passing, and the students felt compelled to dedicate the finished product to her.

“We started doing community service work in this class, and we knew the Humane Society is going through some budgeting issues, and we knew they needed a new sign,” McDaniel said.

“So, we thought this to be a good way to give back, and Vada was such an animal lover, too. She helped with the main design, and she would have loved this.”

Kathy Gerencer, president of the New River Humane Society, was there to accept the sign. She said the humane society works had to do the work they do, and believes a new sign will entice more people to come to the shelter and adopt more animals.

“This school has done a lot for us,” Gerencer said. “There are other departments within this school who have done other favors for us too, so having this partnership is really nice.

“It really means a lot.”

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