The Kanawha-Charleston Health Department and the Kanawha County Emergency Ambulance Authority, with the help of several community organizations, administered 3,475 doses of Covid-19 vaccine Saturday during a clinic at the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center.

"With every person we vaccinate, we move a little closer to the end of this pandemic," Dr. Sherri Young, health officer and executive director of the Kanawha-Charleston Health Department, said in a press release. "We're thankful for the help of all the community partners and volunteers that made today's clinic possible."

The clinic was a joint effort between KCHD, KCEAA, the City of Charleston, Kanawha County Commission, West Virginia Health Right, Charleston Area Medical Center, Thomas Health Systems, FamilyCare, the University of Charleston and the West Virginia National Guard.

The agencies will hold another Covid-19 vaccination clinic on Saturday, Feb. 13 at the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center (200 Civic Center Drive, Charleston). The clinic will be from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.

A limited number of appointments for new doses has been given to those age 65-or-older who are signed up through Everbridge, West Virginia's vaccine registration system.

To pre-register for a future vaccine event, visit vaccinate.wv.gov or call 1-833-734-0965 for assistance signing up. Do not come to the clinic for a first dose without an appointment.

If KCHD administered the first dose of their Pfizer vaccine Jan. 18-23 or the Moderna vaccine the week of Jan. 11-16, people should come to Saturday's clinic for their second dose. Those over age 65 should have received a call with an appointment time to come to Saturday's clinic for their second dose.

Health care workers who were given a Pfizer vaccine Jan. 22 at the coliseum should schedule their appointments through the CDC's vaccine administration management system.

Those who have appointments are guaranteed to get a vaccine. There is no need to come early to appointments.

Those over 65 who did not receive a call and are due for the second dose should come to Saturday's clinic at the same time as the appointment for your first dose.

Please come to Saturday's clinic for a second dose only if KCHD administered your first dose.

Free parking is available at the coliseum's Quarrier Street parking garage.

• • •

The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources reported that, as of Feb. 10, there have been 2,016,368 total confirmatory laboratory results received for Covid-19, with 125,951 total cases and 2,175 total deaths.

On Wednesday, Feb. 10, the DHHR confirmed the deaths of a 70-year-old Upshur County man, a 71-year-old Harrison County man, a 101-year-old Mingo County woman, a 25-year-old Jefferson County man, a 35-year-old Wood County man, an 87-year-old man from Monongalia County, a 41-year-old Cabell County woman, a 91-year-old Wayne County man, a 68-year-old Monongalia County man, a 66-year-old Monongalia County woman, a 99-year-old Putnam County man, a 62-year-old Mineral County man, a 63-year-old Logan County man, an 83-year-old Wayne County man, an 89-year-old Jackson County woman, a 74-year-old Monongalia County woman, a 61-year-old Harrison County woman, a 61-year-old Mercer County man, a 56-year-old Morgan County man, a 90-year-old Jackson County man, a 79-year-old Cabell County man, a 67-year-old woman from McDowell County, a 64-year-old Wyoming County woman, an 80-year-old Mason County man, and an 86-year-old Upshur County woman.

"The loss of more West Virginians is truly heartbreaking," DHHR Cabinet Secretary Bill J. Crouch said in a press release. "To these families, we extend our deepest sympathy and commitment to continue working to prevent this deadly virus."

Cases per county through Feb. 10 included: Barbour (1,153), Berkeley (9,305), Boone (1,496), Braxton (760), Brooke (1,950), Cabell (7,381), Calhoun (217), Clay (363), Doddridge (439), Fayette (2,519), Gilmer (660), Grant (1,020), Greenbrier (2,329), Hampshire (1,454), Hancock (2,542), Hardy (1,243), Harrison (4,674), Jackson (1,622), Jefferson (3,462), Kanawha (11,513), Lewis (941), Lincoln (1,169), Logan (2,575), Marion (3,529), Marshall (2,931), Mason (1,717), McDowell (1,309), Mercer (4,038), Mineral (2,545), Mingo (2,034), Monongalia (7,441), Monroe (913), Morgan (895), Nicholas (1,112), Ohio (3,499), Pendleton (602), Pleasants (788), Pocahontas (572), Preston (2,468), Putnam (3,996), Raleigh (4,412), Randolph (2,299), Ritchie (587), Roane (477), Summers (684), Taylor (1,046), Tucker (477), Tyler (598), Upshur (1,600), Wayne (2,508), Webster (279), Wetzel (1,041), Wirt (336), Wood (6,754) and Wyoming (1,677).

The DHHR on Tuesday confirmed the deaths of a 63-year-old woman from Marion County, an 82-year-old Marion County woman, a 65-year-old Jackson County woman, a 64-year-old Doddridge County man, a 68-year-old Wood County woman, a 69-year-old Cabell County man, an 82-year-old Logan County woman, an 81-year-old Barbour County woman, a 77-year-old Cabell County man, a 66-year-old Logan County woman, a 90-year-old Mercer County woman, a 79-year-old Mercer County man, an 85-year-old Kanawha County woman, an 83-year-old Barbour County woman, a 73-year-old Mercer County man, a 64-year-old Raleigh County man, a 64-year-old Mercer County woman, a 96-year-old Raleigh County woman, and a 91-year-old Pendleton County man.

"We are thankful for our health care professionals, support staff and all on the front line who continue to do everything in their power to end Covid-19," Crouch said.

On Feb. 8, the DHHR confirmed the deaths of a 69-year-old Berkeley County woman and a 73-year-old Berkeley County man.

On Feb. 7, the DHHR confirmed the deaths of a 94-year-old man from Upshur County, a 76-year-old Wood County man, a 76-year-old Raleigh County man, a 52-year-old Kanawha County woman, a 72-year-old Hardy County man, an 84-year-old Marshall County man, a 78-year-old woman from Mingo County, a 73-year-old Kanawha County woman, a 73-year-old Wood County man, and a 69-year-old Gilmer County man.

On Feb. 6, the DHHR announced the deaths of a 93-year-old Monongalia County man, a 64-year-old Mingo County man, a 79-year-old Upshur County woman, a 63-year-old Pleasants County woman, a 69-year-old Wood County man, a 67-year-old Wood County man, a 71-year-old Wood County woman, a 90-year-old Wood County woman, a 73-year-old Pleasants County man, an 86-year-old Mingo County man, a 69-year-old Wood County woman, a 61-year-old Marshall County woman, an 88-year-old Wood County woman, an 86-year-old Harrison County man, an 82-year-old Greenbrier County man, a 69-year-old Mercer County woman, a 79-year-old McDowell County man, a 76-year-old Mingo County man, and a 79-year-old Mason County woman.

The agency on Feb. 5 revealed the deaths of a 60-year-old Mason County man, an 83-year-old Wood County man, a 77-year-old Raleigh County man, a 71-year-old Ohio County woman, a 92-year-old Harrison County woman, a 24-year-old Berkeley County man, a 49-year-old Ohio County man, a 59-year-old Harrison County woman, a 72-year-old Cabell County man, an 89-year-old Berkeley County man, a 94-year-old Hancock County woman, a 71-year-old Ritchie County woman, a 73-year-old Hardy County man, an 88-year-old Mercer County woman, a 66-year-old Mason County man, a 79-year-old Raleigh County man, a 79-year-old Mingo County woman, an 86-year-old Putnam County woman, an 86-year-old Putnam County woman, and a 71-year-old Grant County woman.

On Feb. 4, the DHHR confirmed the deaths of a 75-year-old Marion County woman, an 87-year-old Wyoming County man, a 72-year-old McDowell County woman, a 95-year-old woman from Mingo County, an 81-year-old Putnam County man, an 88-year-old Putnam County woman, a 76-year-old Cabell County woman, a 72-year-old Wyoming County man, an 87-year-old Mason County man, an 81-year-old McDowell County man, a 59-year-old Monongalia County woman, a 75-year-old Mineral County man, an 87-year-old Brooke County man, an 85-year-old Berkeley County man, an 87-year-old Mingo County man, a 59-year-old McDowell County woman, an 83-year-old Brooke County woman, a 92-year-old Wood County woman, a 57-year-old Mingo County man, a 70-year-old Grant County man, a 96-year-old Wyoming County woman, and a 71-year-old Nicholas County man.

West Virginians may now pre-register for their Covid-19 vaccination at vaccinate.wv.gov. The Covid-19 dashboard located at www.coronavirus.wv.gov shows the total number of vaccines administered.

Free Covid-19 testing is available to all West Virginia residents. For additional periodic and pharmacy testing events, visit https://dhhr.wv.gov/COVID-19/pages/testing.aspx.

• • •

On Wednesday, Fayette County was gold on the DHHR daily county alert map. Fayette had a 4.37 percent positivity and an infection rate of 31.67.

With 4.05 percent positivity and a 25.18 infection rate, Kanawha was also gold.

• • •

In the seven days leading up to the morning of Feb. 10, Fayette had 94 Covid-19 cases and no deaths from the disease.

There were 381 active Covid-19 cases in the county through Tuesday, Feb. 9.

Of the county's 94 cases in the seven-day period, the largest representation — 22 — occurred in the 10-19 age group. The next highest concentration — 18 — came from the 20-29 group. Other breakdowns by case included: 0-9 — 9; 30-39 — 8; 40-49 — 6; 50-59 — 13; 60-69 — 10; and 70-and-over — 8.

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