United States Attorney R. Booth Goodwin II honored 40 high school juniors with the U.S. Attorney’s Ambassador for Justice Award during a ceremony recently at the Robert C. Byrd U.S. Federal Courthouse in Charleston.

The program is an initiative led by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of West Virginia which recognizes high school juniors who have shown outstanding leadership skills and a commitment to social justice. Goodwin said, “These are students with a good ethical compass who would be willing to step forward and do something if one of their peers was making a self-destructive decision or bullying someone else.”

Goodwin continued, “I am confident that they will take an active role in building and sustaining a dialogue. Their ideas and perspectives are invaluable toward rooting out current social issues and threats that jeopardize student achievement.”

Goodwin said his office is deeply concerned with solving issues affecting young people throughout the southern portion of West Virginia’s 23-county federal judicial district.

Nominations for the U.S. Attorney’s Ambassador for Justice Award were made by the principal and administrative leaders of the student’s respective school. Goodwin said outstanding character, devotion to citizenship, and a commitment to serving others were also fundamentals for the award nomination.

Among those recognized was Catlin Brouillard of Valley High School for Fayette County.

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