An Oak Hill man was arrested Tuesday for the murder of a missing woman whose body had been left inside a Fayette County home, Oak Hill Police Department officials said.

OHPD officers charged Hayden Dixon, 29, with the murder of 35-year-old Trinity McAllister of Oak Hill. Police allege Dixon killed McAllister and left her body inside a house at 106 Wildwood Place near Woodbridge Road.

McAllister had last been seen in the vicinity of Wildwood Place in Oak Hill on Thursday, Nov. 7.

Police said Dixon, who had been living with McAllister at the time of her disappearance, had attempted to check himself into the psychiatric ward at Beckley Appalachian Regional Hospital on what police believe was the night McAllister was murdered. Later, he attempted to steal a car in what police said was an effort to flee the area.

On Nov. 11, McAllister’s family reported her missing to police and also asked the public for help.

“This is my sister Trinity,” Autumn Rayne Reichard posted to Facebook on Nov. 11. “She’s been missing and everyone is very worried she may be in danger!”

The post asked anyone who had seen McAllister to contact her sisters or her mother.

A day after Reichard’s Facebook post, police discovered McAllister’s body inside the house while serving a search warrant.

The State Medical Examiner’s Office later judged the cause of the victim’s death to be blunt force trauma and strangulation.

On Nov. 13, police said they arrested Dixon on charges, unrelated to McAllister’s death, of forgery, driving on a suspended license, providing false information to police, transfer of stolen goods and simple possession.

On Tuesday, the West Virginia Crime Lab released evidence that led OHPD police to also charge Dixon with McAllister’s murder.

He was arraigned in Fayette County Magistrate Court for McAllister’s murder on Tuesday, OHPD officers reported.

Dixon had been arrested in November 2018 for one count of attempting to commit a felony after he allegedly tried to steal an $80,000 dump truck from Beckley Garbage.

In 2016, he had been indicted for malicious assault and obstructing an officer in Fayette County, according to Fayette County prosecutors.

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