The City of Montgomery Park Board and Montgomery City Council are providing a homework hotspot for local students in the Upper Kanawha Valley district for anyone who needs connectivity to the internet, according to Mayor Greg Ingram.

The service is being provided exclusively by the city and park board commissioners at the Montgomery Community Center, 612 3rd Avenue.

The area is covered by video surveillance for student safety, Ingram stressed. The hotspot includes picnic tables in the front yard, both side yards and on the deck. They are spaced 15 feet apart.

The covered porch has several school desks donated by the City of Smithers.

The parking area in front is also covered by WiFi in the event students want to sit in their vehicles and do homework.

"The location will remain in service as long as needed to provide this service to our kids," said Ingram.

The hotspot features a restrictive firewall to eliminate access to sites of an unacceptable nature. If any student is denied access to an educational site, they can call city hall to gain access to a required site that may be blocked by the firewall.

The city will be providing outside restroom facilities in the near future, Ingram said.

Also, the park board will open the inside for any teacher who wants use of the inside space and to supervise the students. Teachers are asked to call city hall at 304-442-5181 to reserve.

— Steve Keenan

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