The United Way of Southern West Virginia is announcing the kick-off to the One Pair of Shoes Monthly Giving Campaign.

“In our economy and among our busy lives, we seek simplicity. Technology has made it so simple to have recurring goods and services available at our fingertips. A 2019 study by Forbes magazine revealed that the average American subscribes to three live stream video services. These services range from $5 to $15 per month per service. Are you feeling a genuine return on your money? We’re not telling you to unsubscribe to your live steaming services – we know they can be very therapeutic!

“However, what if there was a way to genuinely ensure $15 per month could go directly toward helping someone in our local community? Just $15 per month to the United Way of Southern WV can mean many great things. It can provide a pair of shoes for child in need, a home delivered meal for a senior, a safe place for someone to sleep, or clean diapers for an infant.

“Upon recent review of my financial obligations, it became clear that I’m guilty of paying for monthly subscriptions I rarely use.” said Megan Legursky, executive director of the United Way of Southern West Virginia.

“This made me wonder how many individuals are guilty of the same thing and how we can put our dollars to better use. Subscribing to our One Pair of Shoes Monthly Giving Campaign is a simple way to accomplish just that. We also wanted to develop this campaign to provide a simple, one-step way to supplement historical workplace donations in case any individuals in our community work for companies that no longer provide automatic payroll deduction,” Legursky added.

To support the United Way of Southern WV sign up for the One Pair of Shoes Monthly Giving Campaign here: https://unitedwayswv.org/shoes/

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