Fayette County fourth and fifth graders learn how to kayak at the lake at Fayette County Park during the first Project: Adventure in 2019. The 2021 event, now dubbed Adventure: Fayette County, has expanded from a 2-day event at the park to activities scheduled for nearly two months at four locations in the county, including the Smithers Gateway Center. Because of the growth of the program, additional volunteers are needed this summer. For information, or to volunteer, call 304-860-5106 or email

Adventure: Fayette County will offer Adventure Days — free, hands-on activities for county youth — once again this summer.

The 2021 edition will expand from a 2-day event at a single location to four spots around the county with activities running for nearly two months.

Beginning on June 8 and scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday through July 29, Adventure: Fayette County will be held at the following locations:

• Mount Hope Roadside Park;

• Fayetteville Town Park;

• The Midland Trail Community Center; and

• The Smithers Gateway Center.

Among the activities planned for Adventure Days are crafts, agility courses, read aloud, STEM activities, disc golf, dancing and more. Lunch is also provided.

Other special events will include some “Water Wednesday” days at the Fayette County Park at Beckwith.

The initial Project: Adventure in 2019 welcomed over 800 Fayette County fourth and fifth graders to participate. Thirty youth organizations hosted activities for the youth to sample, including playing an instrument, building a Lego robot, creating a wilderness fort, learning to stand-up paddle board, kayaking and more.

Adventure: Fayette County is a drug prevention effort designed to reach into communities, provide healthy alternative activities and increase positive protective factors for Fayette County youth.

The event started in 2019 as a 2-day function at Fayette County Park called Project: Adventure, hosted by a group of community volunteers working in conjunction with the Fayette Prevention Coalition and the ICE Collaborative to work to prevent youth substance abuse in the community through creative means.

According to the Adventure: Fayette County website, “For us, youth substance abuse prevention has little to do with saying no to drugs, and everything to do with saying yes to positive and enriching alternatives. It is our goal to make those alternatives as engaging and accessible as possible.

“Our work is to expose youth to the many extracurricular opportunities in our area. By increasing awareness and creating accessible space to try something new, we hope to spark an interest in our youth in a positive outlet. We aim to engage youth and their families in this process so we may identify the highest needs and interests of the community. Finally, we organize our partners and stakeholders, we can continue to build an intentional approach to sharing knowledge, opportunities and efforts.”

Adding additional locations has led to a need for more volunteers to aid in offering the activities.

“Because we are in more locations this year, we need more volunteers,” Sue Wood, program director for Drug Free Communities with the Fayette Prevention Coalition, said in a press release.

“This is an opportunity for teens, adults, organizations, teams and churches to volunteer and work together to foster a sense of community around our youth.”

Partners in the expanded program include the organizing Fayette Prevention Coalition, the Fayette County Board of Education, the Fayette County Public Library, the Fayette County Family Resource Network, the ICE Collaborative, West Virginia Health Connection and community partners, volunteers and businesses.

Any individual or group wishing to volunteer may call 304-860-5106 or email

To explore more about the program, visit or the Adventure: Fayette County Facebook page. Donations also are welcome and may be made on the website.

For more about the Fayette Prevention Coalition, visit

Email; follow on Twitter @Fayette_Cheryl

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