Wallet Hub has ranked the Mountain State 38th in the nation when it comes to energy efficiency.

New York earned the top spot, followed by Vermont and Utah, while South Carolina took home last place.

Of West Virginia’s neighbors, Pennsylvania had the best rating, 16th, followed by Maryland, 23rd, Ohio, 25th, and Virginia, 33rd.

Kentucky fell behind the Mountain State at 41st.

West Virginia’s ranking was in large part due to a poor home efficiency score, 43rd in the nation, while the state showed favorable auto efficiency, 23rd in the nation.

Researchers from Wallet Hub reached their scores by looking at daily residential energy consumption compared to temperature and by looking at overall state mile per gallon averages for cars.

According to the United States Department of Energy, the average American family spends around $2,000 per year in utilities and the average car owner spends nearly $1,968 in fuel and oil per year.

— Matt Combs

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