WV Forward is posting a jobs portal serving as a front door to statewide job platforms and listings, in hopes of filling the thousands of jobs that remain unfilled across West Virginia.

WV Forward officials said in a press release, employers and government officials have expressed the need to better connect jobs to people, and people to jobs.

“This landing page not only helps job seekers search for employment opportunities more easily, but it also helps attract and retain talent, increase workforce participation and spur job growth,” the press release stated.

View the WV Jobs site at https://wvforward.wvu.edu/wv-jobs.

“Making sure West Virginia can attract and retain the best and brightest is one of the top ways to expand our talent pool and fill job openings, driving long-term economic prosperity,” Rochelle Goodwin, WV Forward member and WVU’s senior associate vice president for academic and public strategy, said. “Hopefully, this simple landing page will make the job search process just a little easier.”

While thousands of graduates are hanging up their caps and gowns and looking to start their careers, the portal also factors in as an opportune tool to help young professionals educated in West Virginia find jobs in West Virginia while drawing in new talent from across the world.

“I’m very excited about the launch of the WV Jobs page on the WV Forward website. There are a surprising number of unfilled jobs in West Virginia, and this new resource will help to close the gap between job seekers and employers,” Travis Kahle, director of the Center for Career Development at the University of Charleston, said. “Too many of our talented young West Virginians leave the state in search of job opportunities when there are plenty of great jobs right here in the Mountain State.

“The WV Jobs page will not only help us keep our own young professionals, but also attract recent graduates and young professionals from other states. The future is very bright for West Virginia, and we need to retain and attract as many young graduates as possible to take advantage of all the great opportunities our state has to offer.”

WV Forward officials reported as the IT, cyber and healthcare sectors continue to grow in West Virginia, the WV Forward Blueprint has identified the importance to utilize West Virginia’s existing assets and structural advantages to grow these industries, make the state an attractive destination for talent and business development alike and fill job positions currently available.

Jim Estep, president of the High Technology Foundation and WV Forward collaborator, said the state has never had a greater need for economic diversification than it does now. He said this is especially true in regards to the development of a knowledge sector.

“The good news is that progress is being made in creating jobs in technology fields such as software development and cybersecurity,” Estep explained. “However, we will never realize the full potential of this progress if we can’t fill these jobs with quality people in a timely manner. In this regard, it is not an overstatement that the deployment of this WV Jobs page is of critical importance to West Virginia’s future.

“It must be a priority of the state to fund the wide-spread marketing of the site around the country.”

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