Dirty water is flushed from water lines along U.S. Route 61 last month. West Virginia American Water is in the process of totally taking over the provision of water to those formerly served by the Page-Kincaid Public Service District. The PSD water treatment plant has been closed and all water for the area will be supplied by WVAW’s New River water treatment plant.

CHARLESTON – West Virginia American Water took the Page-Kincaid PSD water treatment plant out of service on Dec. 16. All customers in the service area will now receive water from West Virginia American Water’s New River water treatment plant. Once the Page-Kincaid treatment plant is out of service, water lines in phases three through six will still contain a mixture of water from Page-Kincaid PSD and West Virginia American Water.

West Virginia American Water began the transition of the Page-Kincaid Public Service District water system on Sept. 22. The PSD, which already had an established interconnection with the company’s New River water system at Laurel Creek, required a great deal of water main and asset replacement work to be done in order to begin the successful transition.

On Oct. 19, the first customers in Page-Kincaid were transitioned to full water service from West Virginia American Water. These 65 customers were part of the first phase as outlined by the company’s transition plan. The established Laurel Creek interconnection and pressure reducing station made this first phase an easy, viable transition, according to a WVAW press release.

On Dec. 15, the second phase of 160 Page-Kincaid customers, which are served by the Carter Branch pressure reducing station, transitioned to West Virginia American Water service. This transition completed all line flushing in phases one and two, and all customers outlined in those areas now have full West Virginia American Water service flowing through their pipes.

After additional flushing and line cleaning were conducted to remove remnants of Page-Kincaid PSD water, all Page-Kincaid customers are to receive reliable water service from West Virginia American Water.

Additional flushing, booster station and water storage tank rehabilitation will continue into the New Year. Customers throughout the service area may continue to experience intermittent water service outages and periods of low pressure as this work is conducted. Additionally, there may be periods of cloudy or discolored water as service lines are flushed and cleared.

Customers will be notified once all work is completed, ensuring that all water flowing into Page-Kincaid homes and businesses is supplied by West Virginia American Water and flowing through flushed and cleaned facilities.

“Transitioning the Page-Kincaid PSD water system over to West Virginia American Water has been a tremendous, timely effort by our team,” said Robert Burton, West Virginia American Water president.

“Supplying clean, reliable water service to the residents of Page-Kincaid would not be possible without the cooperation of the Public Service District employees and the Public Service Commission’s leadership to find a viable solution for the area. We thank all involved for contributing to the success of this transition.”

“I am so pleased to see this long awaited project come to fruition,” said PSC Chairman Charlotte Lane.

“The residents of Page-Kincaid have suffered long enough. Today they can celebrate by turning on their faucets and enjoying a clean drink of water. My fellow commissioners and I applaud the hard work of West Virginia American Water, the staff of the Public Service Commission and the support of the Fayette County Commission, who have worked tirelessly to finally see this happen.”

— West Virginia American Water

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