West Virginia elected officials — at the state, county, city and school board levels — must give local residents “public notice” about government actions, plans and spending.

State law requires “public notice” by putting legal advertisements in the your local newspaper, where thousands of you can see it, along with the other current news about the community.

This year the West Virginia Legislature is trying to eliminate or reduce your public notice.

Here is the government’s argument: If we tell you there is a state website of all the information, that is good enough notice, right?


A state website with tax information does not equal a public notice in The Montgomery Herald showing you the government is selling a family member’s home because they forgot to pay their taxes.

A state website of unclaimed property exists, but eliminating the newspaper publication of the property owner’s name makes it less likely that person will know to claim the property.

House Bill 2715 and Senate Bill 318 reduce your public notice.

Call and email your legislator and tell them to vote no on HB-2715 and SB-318.


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