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Michelle Christian

Two hundred and forty-three years ago, America’s Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence and made it possible for every American to be free and independent. Entrepreneurs can earn personal independence through starting and running their own businesses with help from the U.S. Small Business Administration and our partners. Starting and growing a business means believing in an idea and making it a reality.

It takes grit and determination to start and run a new business; much like our founders showed when calling for the creation of a new nation. When taxation and oversight became too much to bear, our founders fought to create a free nation where men and women could live up to their potential. As a result, we are a society where any American could pursue and achieve the “American Dream.”

America’s Independence Day is not only a celebration of our forefathers defeating tyranny, but it is a time to remind ourselves of all that makes us unique in the world. The United States is a nation founded by entrepreneurs who were, by definition, risk takers. Alexander Hamilton founded the Bank of New York by the age of 29; some even call him “America’s first capitalist,” Benjamin Franklin was an inventor, a printer and a newspaperman. George Washington was a farmer, a landowner and a distiller.

Entrepreneurship is as American as baseball and apple pie. It is the freedom to live a life of independence and self-sustainment. Equally, supporting locally-owned small businesses is an act of commitment to America’s economy. Locally-owned small businesses support our communities through the creation of local jobs, contributions to the local tax base, and through the support of community programs such as sports teams, firework displays, and Independence Day parades.

Owning a business can mean personal and financial independence for you and your family. Put your ideas into a business plan today at https://www.sba.gov/tools/business-plan/1

Christian is the SBA Mid-Atlantic regional administrator.

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