According to the Nov. 5, 2015, minutes of the WVU Tech faculty assembly, a questionnaire was distributed to the faculty to determine whether they were interested in teaching in Beckley, in Montgomery, or both for the 2016-17 academic year.

Of those who responded, most said that they would prefer teaching in Montgomery only; only a few said Beckley only; and others said they were willing to teach at both campuses.

I received a telephone call from a dietary employee who pleaded with me to keep up the fight against the proposed move of WVUIT. She informed me that she and her co-workers could not afford the transportation to Beckley. She asked, “Did anyone consider the non-teaching staff?”

I sadly reported that obviously they were not considered and used the comparison of this situation to David and Goliath. If history repeats itself on the Montgomery campus, the public would not be surprised to witness a document coming from the Tech administration very soon stating that the majority of the faculty favors moving to Beckley.

WVU is preparing to submit a bill in the Legislature to move Tech to Beckley, a move that is already in progress, a move that is in conflict with current state law, and a so-called strong endorsement of that move by the faculty could be beneficial to that passage.

If WVU should be successful in the passage of such a bill, then the public will know that laws in West Virginia can be changed to protect the guilty.

…The voice of those who will be most affected by this move has not been heard. The Upper Kanawha Valley needs someone who will present their case and help in this battle.

Lou Ann Bowen, APRN, CRNA


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