This letter is written in behalf of Gary Ray, candidate for the Fayette County Board of Education.

As former principal of Oak Hill High School, I was personally acquainted with the success of Gary’s work as athletic director and assistant principal from 1977-1987. I take the greatest personal and professional pleasure in endorsing Gary without qualification.

Gary’s broad range of experiences in education and working to provide a quality education for young people will be an asset as a member of the Board of Education. Gary has always been a highly motivated, responsible and competent person who has performed above and beyond the call of his duties.

During my tenure as principal, Gary was one of the most dedicated and hard-working persons on the staff. He was organized and always involved the coaching staff, school administration and faculty in decisions of scheduling, evaluation, athletic staffing, budget preparation, etc.

As a member of the Board of Education, a person must know policies and procedures required by law, be willing to work collaboratively with the superintendent, board members, staff, etc. I strongly believe Gary has the experience and skills necessary for success as demonstrated in the myriad of both professional and community associations.

Fayette County should be proud to have a person with such a strong background in education and community involvement as Gary Ray.

Jerry Stover

Locust Grove, Va.

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