A brief introduction: I am age 72, a Vietnam veteran and still work 40 hours per week, pay taxes and always vote a split ticket because it always appears to me that after research there are always better qualified people to choose from using this approach. This year is no different.

Sheriff: (definition) law enforcement officer. Both candidates are nice people, civic-minded and a plus to our Fayette County community. This, however, is not the real issue. The issue is which candidate is most qualified to be Sheriff of Fayette County.

I want to see progress made in our community involving three main issues.

(1) Drugs

(2) Theft

(3) Abused children

As a citizen of Fayette County I have seen all three of these issues out of control for a long time and only getting worse. It is a revolving door: do drugs or pills, then steal from somebody who has worked for their possessions, maybe get caught, if so, get a bond, get out and do it again. How many times have you seen that situation?

The system is broken and needs fixing and not just more of the same. To achieve this for our community, we need better law enforcement. Hopefully you agree on at least some of these issues.

I am voting Tom Ballard for Sheriff. Tom truly dislikes the problems of drugs, pills, theft and abused children. Tom has a background with West Virginia State Police and also as an undercover drug officer. Tom has the superior skillsets to move our county off more of the same.

How many children do you know whose mother, father or both are pill heads, druggies, thieves and provide an extremely bad environment for raising children? In many cases the children are in foster care, living with grandparents and/or other family members. This is a byproduct of a broken system that needs to be changed. Tom Ballard is qualified to bring a plan and a solution and to start turning the tide with this disgraceful epidemic in Fayette County.

Voting is required for change to take place. Exercise your right to vote and tell others to do the same. Thank you for sharing my frustration.

Tom Omley


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