During the regular March board meeting of the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber Board voted to endorse the Fayette County School Bond after receiving an official signed copy of the proposed bond.

The Chamber of Commerce listed several items that are critical for Fayette County:

• To demonstrate to the School Building Authority that Fayette County is committed to moving forward with school improvement

• Increase diversity of curriculum

• Maintain our population and encourage growth

• Increase the quality of employee pool for Fayette County

• Improve the real estate market in Fayette County

• Increase business opportunities in Fayette County

Some say we cannot afford to pass this bond, it doesn’t benefit everyone. I say we cannot afford not to pass this bond and it is the first step to benefiting everyone in Fayette County. While there is no perfect bond in this world, neither is there a perfect person, community or school, but we should all strive to do the best we can and move forward.

I support this bond and hopefully this will just be the beginning of change and development in Fayette County and in 10 years we can look back and be thankful we took that first step, that we are continuing to grow and no longer ranked 54 out of 55 in the state.

If you would like to support the bond efforts for Fayette County Schools, donations may be made to FCC/Bond Fund, 310 Oyler Ave., Oak Hill, WV 25901.

Sharon Cruikshank

Executive Director

Fayette County Chamber

Oak Hill

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