At a recent meeting I attended, discussion turned to the naming of the new consolidated high school in Fayette County. The consensus was that everything will remain exactly the same.

Superintendent (Terry) George has repeatedly said these decisions would be made by the county Board of Education. If this is true, how could these elected officials be so prejudiced against students of three of four high schools being joined together?

Three of four schools will have lost their buildings, teachers, coaches, modes of transportation, etc. Should one of four schools get to keep its name, school colors, mascot and logo and three give up everything? Are students who live 5 to 25 miles away inferior to those who live in the Oak Hill area or are they simply being discriminated against?

Consider all the green and white shirts, blue and gray flags, black and gold hats that will now be obsolete. There’s no need for Oak Hill people to spend money to start over, is there? They can continue to wear everything they have collected over the years; they can still wave their red flags.

Why can’t we be fair to all students attending this new school and begin as one united, equal student body?

Some say it’s not a new school. It is new. The sum of $1.4 million from taxpayers who live in the Valley, Mount Hope, Fayetteville and Oak Hill are being spent to build a new addition and make renovations to accommodate new students. An architect I contacted related that this amount of money spent on construction dictates that current code specifications be met (nothing can be grandfathered), and that this constitutes a new building.

Let’s get a new name, new colors and a new mascot that will be accepted by all.

In the last Board of Education election campaign, all we heard was, “It’s all about the kids!” It may be all about the kids, but it definitely won’t be all about all the kids!

Rose Marie Frantz


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