I would like to respond to the plan that his been presented to Fayette County citizens by the SBA.

As a member of the CEFP planning committee in 2014 and a member of the committee of 54 that was to work with the SBA and supply input to the plan, I am very disappointed how things were done and how the outcome was done. The SBA stated that they would meet with community groups and see what they wanted for their schools. Each community was asked to make a wish list of what they want for their school and the SBA would use that info to develop a plan.

After community meetings we gathered in Oak Hill and listened to costs and what they thought the citizens wanted. I thought the process would be workable; what a surprise I was in for. The SBA met with the State Department and the Fayette County central office privately and came back and told us this is how it is going to be. This plan is basically the bond that was defeated — but worse.

The 54 committee had no input and when individuals tried to ask questions Mr. George said this is how it is going to be and we are done answering questions. I was shocked at the attitude and how the plan was rammed down our throats without regard to the citizens. I was told before the meeting that this was how it would be, but I did not think this would happen. The person who told me said that they had met privately and made the decision and the committee of 54 was a farce.

Dr. Cindi Daniels said they were thinking outside the box. What happened was that many students, parents, and citizens were thrown out of the box and over the cliff. I think Mount Hope and Montgomery citizens were done totally wrong and abused. We are now outsourcing our students in Fayette County just like our federal government is outsourcing our jobs to China and elsewhere. If they want to send Fayette students to other counties then let us send them all. We then could close all high schools and only operate elementary and middle schools.

It is closer to Woodrow Wilson from Oak Hill than from Meadow Bridge to (Greenbrier) West. To Woodrow it is 16.2 miles (and) West 18.2. Nicholas County could take Midland Trail easy with travel on US 19; four-lane roads both directions. Look at the money we could save.

It’s all about dollars and we could reduce the central office staff greatly. Wow! What a savings we could have. Then we would really be thinking outside the box. Think about it.

Also, if this plan goes I will never vote for any levy of any type or bond ever. Why should anyone? They tell us we need to get out of the box, so let’s jump.

Randall Patterson

Meadow Bridge

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