Funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and community health centers (CHC) has not been reauthorized by Congress. This means that 48,000 children in West Virginia are at risk for losing health coverage! Also over 400,000 West Virginians are at risk for losing access to the medical, dental, and mental health services they receive at 160 CHC sites around the state.

Loss of CHIP and lost funding for CHCs will also mean loss of jobs for the people who work to provide these services! These excellent programs and services have historically had support from both parties.

In Fayette County well over 20,000 persons received medical care in 2017 from CHCs operated by New River Health Association and Access Health. These centers also provide employment to over 200 Fayette county health care workers.

Let’s all contact our congressmen and senators and urge them to vote immediately to reauthorize funding for CHIP and Community Health Centers! Lives are at stake!

Linda Stein

Dr. Dan Doyle


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