Gary Ray of Oak Hill has announced his candidacy for the Fayette County Board of Education seat from the Plateau District.

In a release, Coach Ray has listed his goals, including the importance of everyone working together for the improvement of the Fayette County school system. Gary has as one of his goals to bring about an increase in student achievement and improved educational experiences for all students and educators.

Coach Ray lists his life experiences as a school teacher, principal, Director of Secondary Education, coach and executive director of the Secondary Schools Athletic Association as a plus for his candidacy. Coach Ray feels that he is uniquely qualified to be a member of the Fayette County Board of Education. “My various life and professional experiences will allow me to bring a common sense and professional approach and fiscal responsibility to the Board of Education.”

Since he is now retired, Coach Ray further indicates that he will work tirelessly to insure that the following areas are addressed:

• That academic programs are in place and that all students are working at grade level or above;

• That every school facility is structurally sound, environmentally safe and maintained properly;

• That every teacher is certified in the subject matter they teach; and

• That the school system is managed in a fiscally responsible manner.

Coach Ray will be a working Board of Education member, always accessible to the needs of the students, parents, teachers and the public.

Gary Ray understands our school system since he has worked as a teacher, coach, prince; and Director of Secondary Schools in Fayette County. Gary’s wife, Cindy, has also been a teacher and teacher’s aide in our school system.

Gary is also highly respected by our state legislators as he has worked with many of the legislators and the State School Board members through his work as executive director of the Secondary Schools Athletic Association in Parkersburg.

Coach Gary Ray is a dedicated, responsible leader who will work days, nights, weekends and holidays to serve and protect the students of Fayette County.

I urge you to give Coach Gary Ray your consideration and support so that he can work closely with our teachers to build a better school system for our children in Fayette County.

Joel Davis

Oak Hill

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