Let your voice be heard! Keep West Virginia Tech in Montgomery. Please attend this important meeting Monday, March 30 at 6:30 p.m. at the Upper Kanawha Valley Technology Building, 326 Third Avenue, Montgomery (former site of G.C. Murphy’s).

Your tax dollars are used to support our colleges and universities. Even though the Legislature continues stressing that West Virginia already has too many colleges for the taxpayers to support, WVU is in the planning stage of investing $8,000,000 to purchase Mountain State University in Beckley while its divisional campus in Montgomery, WVU Tech, is facing a very questionable future. That $8,000,000 should be invested in Tech, the 120-year-old campus that has served the area in an exemplary manner for over a century.

If the Montgomery campus should be closed or even a portion of the campus relocated to Beckley, the economy in the area will be affected. Closure or relocating any portion of the Tech campus will have a negative impact on Montgomery, its surrounding communities, Fayette County, and the entire Upper Kanawha Valley.

Your property values will decrease. Studies have been conducted which conclude that property values in the area will decrease by 30 percent.

Business will close with the decrease in population. Local business cannot sustain itself without a local population; a closure or relocation of any portion of the Tech campus will be a direct threat to the continued existence of Montgomery General Hospital and every other business in the area.

Businesses will be reluctant to come to the area. Prosperity breeds prosperity. Studies have been conducted which conclude that property values in the area will decrease by 30 percent.

Local schools will suffer from a further decrease in enrollment. Decrease in local population will bring an enrollment decrease in local schools — therein, resulting in a decrease in the tax revenue that supports our schools.

Churches will continue to close and/or consolidate.

The Montgomery area and Upper Kanawha Valley area have a history of giving up without a fight. Our complacency has made it very easy to lose much-needed assets and community recreation. The Montgomery Swimming Pool and Hawks Nest Golf Course are two assets that have been lost for the Upper Kanawha Valley within the last year or so. WV American Water will soon be moving out of Montgomery, and Appalachian Power out of Glasgow. Promises by some of our local politicians to be supportive of the Upper Kanawha Valley have not come to fruition.

Please come to YOUR community meeting to show your support for keeping WVUIT in Montgomery.

Lou Ann Bowen



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