I am asking the good people of Fayette County to please share their opinions regarding the hiring process of a new Fayette County Public Libraries director.

The director’s job was posted and the job was offered to two out of state men who both, after visiting the area, turned it town. A Fayette County native, Michelle Holly, applied for the job and yet, despite having a Masters of Library Science degree, didn’t make the cut.

I believe Michelle Holly, who I’ve known for over 20 years, is a wonderful fit to become the next Fayette County Public Library Director. She’s bright, she’s pleasant and she’s a hard worker. She’s local, she knows the people of Fayette County.

In fact, with her Masters of Library Science degree, she should’ve been working and being trained as an assistant when she was first hired. Instead, Michelle has worked as a clerk at the Oak Hill library branch for the last four and one-half years. At one time the WV Library Commission actually wanted two employees with Masters of Library Science degrees to run the state library systems yet that wasn’t pursued for FCPL.

The library board is looking for someone with five years of experience. I want to remind you that Michelle has worked for the library for almost five years and could’ve been working in administration. I believe she is a fast learner and, if given a chance, can learn administrative duties quickly. Michelle is an Oak Hill native and thus will probably stay with the system for her entire career. The employees of the surrounding libraries support her.

Do you really think a person from out of the area will not use this position simply to gain experience? We need someone that invests their career in the Fayette County Public Library System.

I ask that the people of Fayette County, especially those that patronize the library system, express their opinions regarding this hiring, especially to the Fayette County Public Library Board members, whose names aren’t easily found but after much searching I finally found on the FCPL’s webpage: http://fayette.lib.wv.us/headquarters.htm (Editor’s note: Library Board members are Philip Tissue, president; Anne Folger, treasurer; Catherine Marshall, secretary; Rosetta McGuire and Bernice Clayton) or contact the Fayette County Commissioners who oversee the library system (Editor's note: Commissioners are President Matthew Wender, Denise A. Scalph and John G. Brenemen).

The Fayette County Public Library system is just as stated: A public library. Let’s, as the public, take back control of our library system.

Brenda Moore

Oak Hill

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