There have been so many convoluted stories and incorrect information used as propaganda against the upcoming bond in Fayette County. I want to first say that I will 100 percent be voting for this bond and my child does NOT attend a school listed on this bond.

The passing of this bond would provide Fayette County with three high schools. The ability to have larger schools provides more course options for the students and their education.

I have attended many of the community meetings in which I have found a small group of individuals who want to twist and hide the truth in a way that suits their own personal agenda, not the needs of any child in Fayette County. I am a longtime resident of Fayette County, attending and graduating from school here. I went away to college and later returned to raise my family. I feel as though it is imperative that, as my children advance through their education, they are provided with better opportunities than I was given as a student.

I would like to ask you to think about one thing as you go to the polls. Think about your school and your school building when you were a student. Would you want the youth of our county experiencing even better than what you had as students? In voting yes, know that today’s students will be aligned to a better caliber experience than what you had. You have the ability to make this happen by voting yes.

We have schools that have been condemned. Is this what we want kids to look back on and think is normal for their education? More than just CMS have condemned areas.

The change has to start with us! We have to break the cycle! We must stand up and say, this is not OK! Our children deserve better! It is up to us to make that happen! It’s time to take back our county, stand up against those who refuse change, but have no dog in the fight. Fayette County children do matter! Fayette County, let’s do this!

Samantha Gerwig


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