Anyone who would make allegations of using children as pawns for the Fayette bond election should look introspectively. Scare tactics such as tax increases for fixed incomes and elderly are disgusting, and IS using children as pawns.

Anyone wanting to know their tax increase, the Assessor’s Office will give you the exact amount. Individuals renting their homes should know that they will not be subject to this increase unless you are responsible for paying the property taxes of your rental, which must be in your contract when you signed.

To be exact, paying $3,079 in real taxes WITH the bond increase, your home would have to be assessed value of $300,000 with 2 acres. Those paying more than above want to live in very nice homes and own nice things but put a price tag on the education of children in Fayette County. All of a sudden the education value of our children is too pricey? It appears that individuals who do not want the children of Fayette County to prosper are the ones who would like to keep the children educationally oppressed while they continue to prosper and keep their pockets deep.

Who is truly putting the price tag on the education of children? It appears as though it is the wealthy of this county who do not want the bond to pass and are using scare tactics to prevent us, the everyday blue-collar citizen, from educating and bettering the lives of our children. After all, do we all not want better for our children than what we had? I know that I do! I ask you to stop and think, who has the most to gain by NOT passing this bond? The wealthy, they never seem to want to pay their part to society nor to taxes. They have so much to lose from their pocket and we have so much to lose for our children’s future.

Please know the difference in the excess levy which is used for materials in schools and bond which can only be used for buildings.

Christy Cooper

Oak Hill

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