We need to elect Marion Tanner to the Fayette County Board of Education. Marion represents a combination of qualities that are just what any board needs, especially one which needs to pull the county system out of the hole it is in.

Marion understands education in terms of what children need to learn and how they learn. When I was on the board in the ‘90s, she appeared regularly at meetings to advocate for the need to take the teaching of reading above the primary grades.

Some years later, concerned about a grandchild with severe learning difficulties, I went to Marion for advice. It speaks to her concern for children that she continues to ask me about the progress of a child she doesn’t even know.

Marion is a leader. She coordinates the Read Aloud program in Fayette County and has been instrumental in other initiatives to bring books and reading to children. She has served in several other leadership positions in the county and has always served with energy and tact.

Marion persists. She doesn’t give up or make excuses.

Marion is realistic about the county’s resources, but she will do her best to see that the limited resources we have are used to the best effect. And she will represent the whole county. There is no danger that she will favor one area’s children over those of another area.

A realistic, persistent, compassionate leader who understands the process of education: That is Marion Tanner. I urge you to vote for her for the Board of Education.

Jan Young

Oak Hill

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