Kathleen Jacobs

Terry Crews was reprimanded for it and so was the character Jamal Wallace in the film “Finding Forrester” and so was I when, as an adjunct professor of English at WVU Tech, I challenged the department chair. It happens when we have the evidence to indicate that we’re, well, right. And each time, while that might be the case, being right is, often times, irrelevant.

Throughout the Obama administration, the Republican Party remained so resistant to change that the President’s only option was through Executive Order. And then, throughout the past four years, the tables were turned. And now, once again, it appears that the only way President Biden will be able to accomplish what so very desperately needs accomplished is to once again turn the legs of that very worn out proverbial table.

As each party and its supporters name call one another that most horrific and destructive slur, racist, let’s be more cognizant than ever of certain facts: We cannot undo the damage that has been inflicted in the early history of this country on the African-American race; we are not responsible for the beginning nor the proliferation of the slave trade — not in 2021, by any stretch of the imagination. All we can do (and must do) is stop any and all ills from being given a single breath to breathe.

The childish game of tit for tat must end, if we are to make certain that the sins of the past are not brought back to life. It’s called growing up and being held accountable and responsible for our actions — today and every day that follows.

The referee has blown the whistle. The game is over.

Jacobs, a writer of books for young readers, lives in Charleston.

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