What some fail to realize, is that the Chief Deputy manages and has direct oversight of the day-to-day law enforcement operations within the Sheriff’s Department. With that being said, Mr. (Mike) Fridley has had four years of opportunity to address issues that affect our county, the issues that concern you!

I, like so many others, believe it is time for change. Change from the establishment. The establishment that has their personal agendas over the betterment of the citizens of Fayette County.

In my heart, I know that Tom (Ballard) has YOUR best interests in the forefront of his goals. He is a policeman, not a politician. He will not look you in the eye and tell you one thing and then do the other. If he tells you something, it will happen.

I have seen the childish vindictiveness that goes along with not supporting the “chosen” candidate, but that doesn’t bother me. I am more bothered about the future of my county, my community, and my family; keeping the things that I have worked for and not worrying about someone breaking into my garage and taking it; the negative spiral of the current drug epidemic and the total breakdown of the family structure that everyone sees daily.

Our issues are in every community, from Jodie to Layland and Prince. We need a different approach to address these problems.

I would ask that you overlook political affiliations and consider Tom Ballard, regardless who you support for President or Governor. This is your county. This is ground zero for your concerns and your opportunity to do something positive for the community that you call home.

John Kauff

Beckwith Road

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