I have used The Montgomery Herald high school graduation supplement for this information. Here are the sickening figures:

Total graduates for our five high schools: 406

• Oak Hill — 186

• Fayetteville — 56

• Meadow Bridge — 41

• Valley — 50

• Midland Trail — 73

Oak Hill has almost 1/2 of our total graduates. Oak Hill has 22 Promise Scholarships. Valley has 3. There is no mention of scholarships by the remaining schools. (Editor’s note: The total number of Promise Scholars for Fayette County is 48.) There appears to be only 5 black students in pictures in the Herald supplement. Now what is to be done?

I assume that many other counties have the same problem. Our Republican Legislature wants to encourage new industry to come to our state by passing “right to work.” But no industry comes to an area that has a poor education system.

“Living with our means” is no solution.

Our citizens are going to sacrifice more if we are to progress. What are the solutions? Can this newspaper be a forum?

Oh my goodness, I am late for bowling on Channel 17!

Gordon Billheimer


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