I am white and have two black sons. The matters of police brutality and white privilege are important to me. I’ve seen the All Lives Matter versus Black Lives Matter. I’ve seen the pictures of white men being detained by police officers with knees on their neck, in order to portray the fact that police brutality can happen to anyone. So what is your point? That racism doesn’t exist? If that’s the case, you are fooling yourself.

White privilege does not mean that only black people are persecuted or that police brutality doesn’t happen to everyone. Not all police officers are on an ego trip.

There are many points that can be made for or against any argument but white privilege simply means that there are many situations that we, as white people, do not encounter simply because the color of our skin.

No one is trying to say we are all born with a silver spoon in our mouths and all have every luxury we want.

It just means that skin color is a factor in various situations and our privilege does not allow us to always see it. If I have ever been pulled over by a police officer, anytime I was alone or with other white people. I may have gotten a warning or a ticket. But if I had a black male in the car, I was searched every single time.

Yes, bad things happen to everyone, but race does play a factor and until we all recognize that, nothing can be accomplished.

Jaimee Gaudin

Mount Hope

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