Gauley Bridge Elementary was discussed at a recent board meeting. The common answer that is given when people explain why Gauley Bridge achieves at such high levels is, “they have smaller class sizes.”

The fact that our class sizes have become smaller is not the only prerequisite of our success.

Gauley Bridge Elementary has been a great school for many years because of the work of the great teachers, the continued support of the parents, and hardworking students who understand the importance of education. We have teachers that have been here long enough to teach the parents of the students. That’s how you gain strong parental support.

Our teachers live and are active in the community so our parents know their child’s teachers. Our staff knows each student by name and by need; that’s how the students know we care.

What makes Gauley Bridge achieve at high levels is the fact that students perform better when they feel that people are taking a genuine interest in them. Research shows this. The great teachers of Gauley Bridge Elementary have always given students this feeling.

There is a caring spirit in this school that greets the students as soon as they come into the door. This caring spirit permeates throughout the school and involves not only the teachers, but also our counselor, custodian, cook, secretary and even the bus drivers.

We know, as a staff, that “smaller class sizes” is not the sole reason as to why our scores are some of the highest in Fayette County. We are great because of the teachers’ continued professionalism.

We are great because the teachers prepare and modify lessons that meet the uniqueness of each student.

We are great because teachers make decisions that are data-driven.

We are great because of the dedication that the staff has to making our students grow.

But most importantly, we are great because we care. We are great because despite the baggage that students come with, it is checked at the door, and we get to the business at hand: Ensuring that our students succeed.

Janna Coleman


Gauley Bridge Elementary

Gauley Bridge

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