The story in the Herald of April 11 telling of our new voting machines emphasized the new identification needed to vote and the importance of registering.

Our local and national problem is the failure of our citizens to vote. Our officials are elected by those who do not vote.

The Republican Party has consistently increased so-called identification to stop “voter fraud” which has not been a problem. Our new laws are seemly benign, but do not encourage a person to vote.

We encourage a young person to register but do little to persuade him or her to actually vote.

Since our aim in life is money, why not have the person put his name in a container with all the other voters that gives him a chance to win, say $500? Unusual perhaps, but there must be solutions to this REAL problem.

Our Secretary of State brags of “cleaning voter registration.” Of course that is the statuary duty of local county registrars, but he is following the party line.

Gordon Billheimer


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