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Tipping has become a lost art in society. It used to be understood that you offer up a little extra money for good service. These days, you have celebrities who make millions, but still stiff waiters.

Now that Marriott has come out and asked its guest to leave tips for house keepers, the list of groups to tip is becoming longer and longer. But here here are five professions that many people forget to tip, but shouldn't.

1. Skycap

If you want your luggage to land at same place you are traveling to, you might want to slide the skycap a few dollars. If not, you may be wearing the same shirt for a week on your next vacation.

2. Dry cleaner

Some of the biggest gossips in the world are dry-cleaners. If you don't want your business spread across town, a tip could keep their mouths shut about that tough stain on your shirt that you want kept secret.

According to CNN.com, the person behind the counter of your local dry cleaner may not be the same person actually doing the work of removing the stain from your shirt, but a small token of gratitude wouldn't go amiss.

"If someone got a stain out of my favorite white dress, I would ask them, 'Can I leave a tip? What would be a great way to say thank you?'" said Lizzie Post, the co-author of Emily Post's Etiquette, 18th Edition.

It doesn't have to be cash. The Yelp Gratuitous Guide to Tipping suggests some flowers or a bottle of wine. That may sound romantic, but, "if they remove a wine stain from your favorite Marc Jacobs dress," it might be worth it.

3. DJ or band

A good DJ can determine whether you get a kiss at midnight during a John Legend song or end up watching your crush dance with a group of friends to "YMCA."

So why not tilt the odds in your favor by "requesting" your favorite song to be played at a certain time? Do it at the same time you drop a wad of bills in the DJ or band's tip jar. It could mean the difference leaving the club with a new friend or heading home alone.

4. Assisted living facility staff

We've all seen the horror stories of how the elderly can sometimes be treated at retirement homes. According to MSN.com, while you don't tip the doctors, nurses and physical therapists who take care of your ailing loved ones, you should tip other service people working at assisted living facilities. That means everyone from the man who drives the van that takes Nana to the grocery store or doctor’s appointments to the woman who washes her hair or does her nails.

5. Garbage collector

Very few people have a worse job than the person who collects your garbage. Like the postman, neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom keep them from tossing our trash. So if anyone needs a perk, it's them. A small envelope filled the the kind of paper they don't have to throw away will make sure garbage cans are set back on the curb and not rolling down the street at 7 a.m.

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