The Coalfield Athletic Conference recently released its all-conference softball and baseball teams for spring 2019. According to Commissioner Chad Quesenberry, honorees were as follows:

Class A softball

First team

• Michelle Shrewsbury, Summers County

• Miranda Billings, Summers County

• Kenley Posten, Greenbrier West

• Camryn Dorsey, Greenbrier West

• Chasity Ballenger, Meadow Bridge

• Bonnie Bragg, Meadow Bridge

Gracie Gipson, Valley

Emmie Lopetrone, Valley

• Taylor Harrell, Midland Trail

• Serena Minor, Midland Trail

• Cassidy Roles, Fayetteville

• Rachel Peelish, Fayetteville

• Hanna Lipps, Richwood

• Kiara Smith, Richwood

Second team

• Britney Myers, Summers County

• Riley Richmond, Summers County

• Reegan Lively, Greenbrier West

• Caley Chrisman, Greenbrier West

• Kaylee Schmidle, Meadow Bridge

• Amanda Church, Greenbrier West

Mallory Kincaid, Valley

Haley Myers, Valley

• Zavery McManaway, Midland Trail

• Kyleigh Jackson, Midland Trail

• Nikki Holbrook, Fayetteville

• Kaysie Cogar, Fayetteville

• Kayley Strader, Richwood

• Trinity Amick, Richwood

Class AA softball

First team

• Holly Brehm, Wyoming East

• Nicole Kester, Independence

• Kaylen Parks, Independence

• Bradleigh Hayhurst, Shady Spring

• Paige Maynard, Liberty

• Vanessa Weight, Liberty

• Olivia Barnett, Shady Spring

• Ashleigh Sexton, Independence

• Emily Pritchard, Westside

• Jaeden Fleenor, Westside

• Paige Laxton, Wyoming East

• Savannah Bragg, Independence

• Riley Adkins, Independence

• Savannah Holbrook, Oak Hill

Second team

• Makenzie Holley, Independence

• Emily Jones, Shady Spring

• Madison Maynard, Liberty

• Madelyn Stover, Liberty

• Torin Morgan, Westside

• Madison Hicks, Westside

• Olivia Hylton, Wyoming East

• Caitlin Bleigh, Westside

• Alyssa Lilly, Shady Spring

• Sandy Mills, Shady Spring

• Kaitlynn Richardson, PikeView

• Kaitlyn Lockard, PikeView

• Haylee Byers, Oak Hill

Class A baseball

First team

• Nathan Hanshew, Midland Trail

• Colin Dempsey, Midland Trail

• Cy Persinger, Midland Trail

• Samuel Wykle, Summers County

• Chase Adkins, Summers County

• Nathan Wykle, Summers County

• Colton Ferrell, Richwood

• Wes Spencer, Richwood

• Chad Ramsey, Greenbrier West

• Chase McClung, Greenbrier West

• Evan McDade, Greenbrier West

• Logan Frantz, Fayetteville

• Hunter Rinehart, Fayetteville

• Max Holland, Fayetteville

• Jordan Dempsey, Fayetteville

Second team

• Travis Scarbrough, Midland Trail

• Logan Jones, Summers County

• Tyler Miller, Summers County

• Cole McClung, Greenbrier West

• Josh Jones, Greenbrier West

• John Parks, Greenbrier West

• Will Whittaker, Summers County

• Seth McCarraher, Fayetteville

• Peyton Sheaves, Midland Trail

• Griffin Boggs, Midland Trail

• Chase Brown, Richwood

• Eli Bower, Summers County

• Nick Milam, Fayetteville

Jimmy Harper, Valley

Class AA baseball

First team

• Lane Jordan, Oak Hill

• Hunter Schoolcraft, Independence

• Justin Lovell, Shady Spring

• Eric Hoosier, Wyoming East

• Peyton Meadows, PikeView

• Chris Begley, Liberty

• Brady Vance, Westside

• Josh Pritt, Nicholas County

• Caleb Jones, Oak Hill

• David Wilson, Independence

• Matt St. Clair, Shady Spring

• McQuade Canada, Wyoming East

• Andrew Hazelwood, James Monroe

• Matt Caldwell, Wyoming East

• Nick Jewell, James Monroe

• Jason Meadows, Shady Spring

• Riley Nicholas, Nicholas County

• Logan Williams, Liberty

• Anthony Bisaha, PikeView

• Chandler Harvey, Westside

Second team

• Zane Wolfe, Oak Hill

• Tyreece Nelson, Oak Hill

• Atticus Goodson, Independence

• Michael McKinney, Independence

• Tommy Williams, Shady Spring

• Noel Sizemore, Shady Spring

• Tyler Cook, PikeView

• Jake Coalson, PikeView

• Nate Griffith, Liberty

• Logan Vance, Westside

• Clay Lester, Wyoming East

• Chase York, Wyoming East

• Hayden Miller, Independence

• Johnny Lyons, Oak Hill

• Andrew Hughes, Nicholas County

• Bradley Lokant, Oak Hill

• Spencer Kenney, Westside

• Ethan Blackburn, Westside

• Ethan Hill, Liberty

• Daylan Adkins, Liberty

• River Spencer, Independence

• Derrick Mullins, Nicholas County

• Garrett Kesterson, Nicholas County

• Colby Taylor Williams, PikeView

• Preston Legg, Oak Hill

• Hunter Stump, Liberty

• Grant Davis, Shady Spring

• Hunter Lester, Westside

• Noah Parker, Nicholas County

• Brandon Simpson, Wyoming East

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